Art therapy is an alternative approach to healing most issues through

the process of making art. All ages can benefit from art therapy. Art

therapy combines processing feelings through the art modality with

sublimation or formed expression.


Many materials are used in a non threatening environment. Clay, paint,

puppetry, photography, collage & drawing. Through pounding, mixing,

sculpting, and tearing clients have gained insight into their own emotions

and gain confidence to create images that represent where they are and

where they need to go to through sublimation.


As a licensed art therapist Iíve worked with clients of all ages in many

difficult situations. I have worked for over 25 years as an art therapist

through the process of making art a vehicle of expression. Through my

guidance, insight and the playfulness of the material one can alleviate

anxiety and move forward to the next stage of healing and adjustment.


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